Power Grip™ Olympic Plates

An even number, symmetrical hole pattern will allow you to have a parallell, opposing grip for ease in loading, lifting and passing. Available in Cast Iron, Virgin Rubber Encased or our new Urethane.



Olympic Bars

Made from Fatigue-proof, Ground and Polished, 30mm Steel with a 1500 lb. test to inhibit bending. Available in 7ft., 5ft., and E-Z Curl Bars, Black Oxide and HARD Chrome finishes.



Solid Steel Dumbbells & Barbells

The original innovator and creator of the welded dumbbell. Our unique "Invisa-Weld" process eliminates an inside weld, thus creating a stronger more resilient design.



Pro-Style Fixed Dumbbells and Barbells

Available in Virgin Rubber Encased, Gray Hammertone Cast-Iron Plates or our new Urethane Encased. Featuring a Rubber Encased, Steel End Plate.


JADE™ Olympic Plates

Jade Olympic Plates utilize a three slot pattern for ease in use. Available in Cast Iron or Virgin Rubber.


Weight Stacks

Utilized by equipment manufacturers worldwide. Our stacks come fully assembled and ready for installation.


Q: How do I clean my CEMCO Products?

A: We do not recommend cleaning CEMCO products, but if you feel the need, use a damp cloth. Detergents or solvents will void warranty.


Q: What is the warranty for your Dumbbells?

A: You can access all Warranty Info here.


Q: How can I buy CEMCO Products?

A: Please call 1-800-782-6377. You can also make your CEMCO purchase through one of our Authorized Dealers.


Q: What is the bar size for your Barbells?
Q: What is the size of your Dumbbell Handles?
Q: What is the thickness of your plates?

A: Specifications for all CEMCO Products are found on that particular products' page on this web site.


Q: When will it ship?

A: We have a lead-time of 7-10 working days, not including the date of purchase. Follow this link for Shipping Info.


Q: What exactly is Hard Chrome?

A: This chroming process will ensure your Hard Chrome products will not Chip, Peel, Rust or Flake. Hard Chrome

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November 2008